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Scentsy Laundry Care Products. an exclusively designed collection of, high-efficiency laundry detergent and fabric care products infused with your favorite Scentsy Fragrance that will linger all day long. Laundered, conditioned and scented clothes for a incredibly fragrant experience.

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Clothing Conditioner

Scentsy Laundry Liquid Detergent

Jump Start your clothes with scented Scentsy fragrance while improving fabric softness and absorbency with our exclusive, water-attracting softener. Perfect for use on dry-wicking fabric.

  • 32 fl. oz. (946 mL) (25 medium loads)
  • Dramatically Improves your fabric’s ability to wick moisture from the skin, increasing the perception of comfort, dryness and warmth
  • Very safe for all clothing, including dry-wicking material, synthetics, spandex and cotton fabrics.

Dryer Disks

Scentsy Dryer Disks

Pull your laundry out of the dryer, scented and warm. Just Add a Dryer Disk to your dryer and scent your clothes for up to 15 loads.

  • Reduces Static Cling
  • Long-lasting fragrance

Laundry Liquid Detergent

Scentsy Fabric Softener

Ultraconcentrated and Highly efficient laundry detergent that will leave your clothes, towels and linens incredibly clean and scented with the perfect amount of Scentsy fragrance.

  • 20 fl. oz. (591 mL) (50 medium loads)
  • Removes stains
  • Contains no coloring agents or dyes. Will not stain clothing or linens

Washer Whiffs

Scentsy Washer Whiffs Tub

It’s blissful indulgence: Scentsy fragrance for your clothes! Add 1 scoop of our exclusive Washer Whiffs and enhance your clothing with Scentsy fragrance. Use with Laundry Liquid for best results,

  • Available in two sizes: 16 oz. (472 mL) or 49 oz. (1.36 kg)
  • Fragrance lasts weeks
  • Helps reduce odors.

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FAQ about Scentsy Laundry Products

Are Scentsy Laundry products free of Dyes?

Washer Whiffs are the only products that containg dyes.  The Dyes used are fabric safe and non staining

What temperature is safe when using Scentsy Laundry products?

All water temperatures are safe when using Scentsy Laundry products.

How are the new Scentsy Laundry products different from Layers by Scentsy?

We use the same recipe you and your customers love in Layers and have repackaged our Scentsy Laundry line for returning products. The new Clothing Conditioner was developed to meet those same high standards.

Can I use Scentsy Laundry products in high-efficiency washers and dryers?

Sure. Scentsy Laundry products are safe to use in every type of washer and dryer, including high-efficiency,
standard, top and front loading machines.

Can I use Scentsy Laundry products with a septic tank?

Absolutely. Our Laundry products are completely safe and water-soluble to use with septic tanks.

How about people with Sensitive Skin?

As with anything people with known fragrance sensitivities should test on a small patch of skin before using. Scentsy Laundry products however are clinically tested for allergies and irritation.

What about fire-retardant and dry-wick clothing? Are Scentsy Laundry products safe to use with them?

Yes. Scentsy Laundry products have zero fabric softeners and are safe to use with fire-retardant and  dry wick clothing.

Scentsy Clothing Conditioner

What is Scentsy Clothing Conditioner?

Clothing Conditioner improves softness and wicking capabilities and reduces energy consumption by shortening drying times.

What are the benefits of using Clothing Conditioner?

Clothing Conditioner help improve your clothing’s ability to remove moisture from the skin, in turn increasing the perception of comfort, dryness and warmth. Ordinary fabric softener use with performance fabrics may reduce the effectiveness of your clothes ability to wick away moisture. However, using Clothing Conditioner with performance fabrics is not only safe, but actually improves the fabric’s performance. With regular use, Clothing Conditioner will keep fabrics performing as intended by the manufacturer. In fact, tests conclude using Clothing Conditioner with performance sportswear will improve fabric’s wicking ability.

Is this Conditioner safe for any kind of washable fabric?

Yes. Scentsy Clothing Conditioner is safe for all washable fabrics, including dry-wicking material, synthetics, spandex blends and cotton fabrics.

Is Clothing Conditioner Eco friendly?

Yes. Because more of the formula is absorbed into the fabric, water removal is improved, drying times are shortened, and the amount of chemical residue in rinse water is minimized.

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