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The NEW 2017 Spring Summer Scentsy Catalog. Browse and order online. Take a look at some of the new lineups we have for you this time.  Like always we have new and exciting Scentsy Warmers and Scent Bars. We cant wait to see what you think of all the new fragrance products we’ve added to our ever growing lineup of Scentsy Fragrance Products.

Fall Winter 2017 Catalog

New for the Fall Winter Season of 2017.  Available Sept 1st 2017

Scentsy Catalog



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Now available the New Fall Winter 2017 Catalog

The Scensty Catalog comes out twice a year. First in March for the Spring Summer Catalog and then in September for the Spring Summer Scentsy Catalog. Every Season Scentsy adds NEW Candle Warmers and Scents. Continuing on with all the Favorites from the previous catalog. With over 80 Warmers and Scents along with all the new Personal Body Care and Laundry products from Scentsy Layers, and our Limited Edition Collectors Scentsy Buddy scented stuffed animals, there are always new reasons to shop the Scentsy Catalog online.

ALSO:  We have Special Catalogs for EVERY Country Scentsy Sells in.  This particular one below is for the USA only.  Please contact us if you would like a Catalog for another Country sent to you!

Coming Mar 1st the 2017 Spring Summer Catalog for the US.

How to Shop the Scentsy Catalog Online

  • 1. Locate the Products you want on the Online Scentsy Catalog.
  • 2. Write down the name of the products and if there is a frame, wrap, or scents to go with it.  ie.  Silhouette Loom Wrap with a Etched Core Warmer.
  • 3. Then once you have what you want. Click on the Shop Online Button on top and Visit our Scentsy Webiste
  • 4. From this page there will be a Search Button on top. Enter the product name, scent, word or the Scentsy Item ID.
  • 5. Find the product and click add to cart.
  • 6. Continue until done then “Check Out”
  • 7. Your Scentsy Products will be shipped to you directly within a few days. Appx 7-10 days.

Last Seasons Catalog

Scentsy 2017 Spring Summer Catalog

You could always order from us directly by calling in your Scentsy Order to 877-655-5496.  Ask us for our Personal Special!


Shawn and Wendy Robinson Independent Scentsy Consultants


  • Katie Baker

    Hi Shawn & Wendy!

    My name is Katie Baker and I live in Plano, Texas. I was searching for scentsy online and your page was the first thing I clicked on. I found out about scentsy from a friend on facebook but she’s really hard to get a hold of. I was wondering if you had a catalog? I have looked at some online but I still don’t know what I want exactly. I’m looking for something for my home and car because I have two large indoor dogs and I always want everything to smell fresh and clean. Anyway, if you send out catalogs I’d really love to have one! Thanks!!! 🙂

    If you don’t send catalogs I totally understand, but I thought I’d ask 😉

    Thanks again and happy St. Patty’s day!!

    Katie Baker

    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for contacting us! I’ve got a Catalog all ready to mail out to you on Monday! 😉 FYI, I deleted your address from this post…just for your privacy. Let us know if you have any questions or need any product. We offer Specials just for our customers who call and email us with orders! Have a great St. Patty’s day too!!!


  • Katie Baker

    Omg thank you so much, I was totally mortified that I left my address in a comment box, I thought it was a “contact us” type thing!! Wow I need to pay more attention! And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

  • michelle morris

    hi i was wondering if you could send me the new falls cataloge with any other new ones… it would be great to get them thanks

  • Amanda

    Hey Wendy!
    I really Love Scentsy and would love a new Book! I havent ordered in a while and not sure how to find someone close in my area. Thanks, Amanda

  • Deana Parker

    I am searching for a consultant right now by the website. The girl I used to buy from no longer sells. And I am looking for the latest products I can buy. However, I don’t have an updated catalog. Is it possible to get a new catalog? I love Scentsy products! If you can reply back to me, I will give you my address. Thanks a lot for a great product!

  • connie koontz

    i am interested in your specials…also looking for spiced orange harvest..please send me a catalog..connie koontz 2927 christian rd…greenwood,s.c. 29649

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