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Are you looking for one, or more, Scentsy Consultants in Europe to either Purchase Scentsy Products from, Have a Party or even Join Scentsy with but…just don’t know how to find a Scentsy Consultant? Look no further! We have Scentsy consultants from our Team in Ireland, Germany and across the UK – that we can refer you to! AND…as of October, Scentsy Products will be available for Purchase in five additional countries: Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg!  Email Us to Find a Scentsy Consultant near you.

How do I locate Scentsy Consultants

All you need to do is Email us and we’ll direct you to an Active Scentsy Consultant in your area within 24hrs. Are you interested in Finding out more about Scentsy Products, Joining Scentsy, Buying Scentsy, Hosting a Scentsy Party or even in Fundraising?  Email Us to Find Scentsy Consultants near you who can take care of all your Scentsy needs.

Currently, there are less than 1000 Scentsy Consultants in all of Europe! If you are looking for a fantastic Ground Floor Business Opportunity then watch this short video to learn more about the Scentsy Family! JOIN TODAY

Does Scentsy Ship to My Country?

Scentsy is currently available to Join and for Customers in the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales), Germany and Ireland. As of October 2012 Customers will be able to Purchase Scentsy if you live in Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg. At this time, you can only Join as a Scentsy Consultant in the UK, Ireland and Germany. JOIN TODAY

Find out more about our Award Winning Team and about Shawn & I by reading our story.  While we are US Consultants based in the Seattle area we have a team across the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Germany, Ireland and the UK.  We dedicate ourselves to training our Scentsy Consultants in all of these areas with one-on-one mentoring and more!

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