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Need a Replacement Light Bulb for your Scentsy Candle Warmer?

Look no further! Scentsy has Special Light Bulbs that are sold for $2ea or in 3 Packs for $5. Our Light Bulbs are created specifically for our Scentsy Warmers and come in 3 Sizes – 25 Watt, 20 Watt and 15 Watt. Using Light Bulbs that are not Scentsy Bulbs will void your warranty as well as not warm your wax properly and could even cause electrical problems to occur.

CLICK HERE to purchase your Bulbs Online

As of September 1st our Light bulb prices are $2.00 Each.  Save $1 and buy a 3-Pack below for only $5.00.  *We changed our light bulb prices after 10yrs.

Make sure to Stock Up on your Light Bulbs – Buy our New 3-Pack of Light Bulbs.

Combine and Save Scentsy Light bulbs
Combine and Save Scentsy Light bulbs

What Watt do you Need for your Warmer?

The easiest way to figure out what size Light Bulb you need is to look INSIDE of your Warmer. Lift the dish off and look inside your Warmer. There will be a Sticker inside your warmer that tells you the wattage you need…like the one in our Celtic Love Knot Warmer.

Scentsy Light Bulb Watt Sticker
Scentsy Light Bulb Watt Sticker
  • 15 Watt:  ALL Nightlight Warmers, the ones without cords that plug directly into your outlet, are ALWAYS 15-Watt.
  • 20 Watt:  Mid-size, Silhouette, some Deluxe and even some 3-Piece Warmers
  • 25 Watt:  Some Deluxe and Premium Warmers, Lampshade, Shadow, some 3-Piece Warmers.

Make sure to always Buy (1) bulb with each order you place so you are never left with an Un-Scented Home!


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